Carmel, CA.  The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), Region 32, has alleged violations of federal labor law by Carmel Mission Inn management, after investigating UNITE HERE Local 483’s charges against the hotel.

Region 32 of the NLRB has proposed settling the cases, #32-CA-25539 and #32-CA-25581, in which the NLRB alleges Carmel Mission Inn did the following (in the NLRB General Counsel’s words, full source document linked below):

  1. On or about August 26 and September 14, 2010, and January 3, 2011, Carmel Mission Inn, by [General Manager] Bob Buescher:

             (a)   interrogated employees regarding their support for UNITE HERE Local 483 … and

             (b)   created an impression among its employees that their union activities were under surveillance.

      2.  On or about December 25, 2010, Carmel Mission Inn, by [Restaurant Manager]:

             (a)   threatened to terminate an employee because of the employee’s support for the Union; and

             (b)   told an employee not to talk with co-workers.

      3.  By the acts and conduct described above …, Carmel Mission Inn has interfered, restrained, and coerced employees in the exercise of the rights guaranteed in Section 7 of the [National Labor Relations] Act and it thereby has engaged in unfair labor practices affecting commerce ….          

The NLRB’s General Counsel will prosecute unless Carmel Mission Inn settles the charges to the government’s satisfaction.  A copy of the NLRB’s proposed settlement is linked below.

The NLRB Region 32 dismissed entirely charges filed by Carmel Mission Inn against UNITE HERE Local 483.

Founded in 1937, UNITE HERE Local 483 represents 1,300 Monterey Bay area hospitality workers at two dozen hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, and golf courses.