Gunner donates to hospital, yet cuts his workers’ children from health plan

Charity begins at Home!

Mr. Richard V. Gunner and family: You always said we were your “family” too.

Mr. Richard V. Gunner and his family are large charitable donors in multiple communities, most notably,  in Fresno and Santa Barbara.  They are routinely recognized as amongst the most generous givers.  Below are listed just some of charitable contributions for which the Gunner family has been publicly recognized and lauded:

Children’s Hospital Central California: more than $1 Million ($1,000,000).

Central Valley Ronald McDonald House:  contributed nearly 8 acres of land.

Community Medical Centers (Fresno):  more than $25,000.

CA State University (Fresno):  more than $10,000 in last 4 years.

UC Santa Barbara Alumni Assoc. and athletics:  more than $6,000.

And many other worthy  organizations, among them:  Boys & Girls Club of Fresno, Exceptional Parents Unlimited (Fresno), Heal the Ocean (Santa Barbara), and Child Abuse Listening and Mediation (Santa Barbara).

A small piece of what has turned the Gunner family into multi-millionaires and pillars of the community is the Pine Inn Hotel in Carmel CA which  the Gunner family has very successfully owned and operated for 26 years.

Effective April 1st (no joke.) the Pine Inn dropped 42 spouses and children, from all medical and dental coverage.   The Pine Inn says this decision will add another $11,000 per month to the bottom line of Gunner’s  hotel.

Please ask Mr. Gunner and Pine Inn to rescind this callous decision.  Call the Pine Inn at (831) 624-3851.

Thank you.

The Pine Inn workers and family members