Local 483 Honors Members of the Year

Monterey, CA.  José Vigil and Antonia Ihnot have been chosen by UNITE HERE Local 483 as its Members of the Year.  Mr. Vigil and Ms. Ihnot were honored at the Monterey Bay Central Labor Council’s (MBCLC) annual awards dinner on April 27, 2012, at the Hyatt Regency for their contributions toward bettering the lives of working people and their families in this community.

José Vigil, a resident of Seaside and 4-year houseperson at the Pine Inn, led his co-workers in a two-day strike in February—the first Monterey Bay area hotel strike in 30 years.  Mr. Vigil continues to lead the Pine Inn workers in their struggle for health care and a fair contract.

Antonia Ihnot, of Monterey and a 23-year banquet server at La Playa Hotel, has been a Local 483 leader for decades at her hotel, on the Union Executive Board, as a delegate to UNITE HERE’s international conventions, and on the picket lines whenever workers are in a fight for justice.

“We’re so proud of José and Antonia—their leadership at the center of labor conflict in Carmel this past year was invaluable and inspiring to all workers,” said UNITEHERE Local 483 Secretary-Treasurer, Leonard O’Neill.

Mr. Vigil and Ms. Ihnot were honored before their membership at Local 483 meetings on Wednesday, April 25th at Seaside’s Oldemeyer Center.

Past UNITE HERE Local 483 Members of the Year

2011: Sumran Raines (Asilomar)

2010: Jose Nicasio (Hyatt Regency)

2009:  James Hood (Highlands Inn) and Richard “Chuck” Smith (Asilomar)

2008:  John Aliotti (Lodge at Pebble Beach) and Virgilia “Jing” Wright (Hyatt Regency)

2007: Tom Guzman (Quail Lodge) and Lily Vasquez (Highlands)

2006: Alex Guillen (Highlands Inn) and Kendra Weeks (Hyatt Regency)

2005: Juana Enriquez (Monterey Bay Travelodge) and Joel Valdez (Asilomar)

2004: Amy Chao (Asilomar) and James Hood (Highlands Inn)

2003: Maricela Alaniz (Highlands Inn) and Teresa Conner (Hyatt Regency)

2002: Chizuko Calhoun (Hyatt Regency) and James Ford (Lodge at Pebble Beach)

2001: Karen Araujo (Hyatt Regency) and Hector Azpilcueta (Lodge at Pebble Beach)