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Local 483 Insurance Rates for Us & Families

Companies now contribute $7.34 to your Insurance Plan for you and your family. Insurance contributes to the most sought after and most expensive benefits where cost continues to rise greatly each year. Remember, we need to have 100 hours paid on our behalf November-April, and 130 hours May-October, to keep our insurance in force! New […]

Union Elections 2016

Nominations for all elected officers will be held at our October 26th, 2016 membership meeting at Oldemeyer Center in Seaside. The term of 3-year positions are open for President, Secretary-Treasurer, Vice President, 6 Executive Board members, recording Secretary and 3 Trustees. The only salaried position is for the Secretary-Treasurer position which is the head of […]

Local 483 Increases 2016

Tipped members saw their wage increase $1.00, January 1, 2016. Non-tipped members will have this increase on August 1, 2016 by $0.45 per hour. The increase hit the Hilton, the Asilomar Conference Center, the Highlands Inn and the Hyatt Regency. These come from the “Bucket Rates” that we have in our Agreements. In 2016, we […]

Local 483 Marches in San Francisco’s 2015 Pride Parade

Locals from all over the bay area united and marched in San Francisco’s Pride Parade. We were joined by many of our members, our staff, and our student interns. The parade was a total success and enjoyed by everyone who attended and kept us company. We wore shirts that read “Work it! End job discrimination”. […]

Local 483 Workers Adopt 6-Year Contract Strategy

Pacific Grove, CA. May 26, 2015 — The pattern was set in January of this year by their Union, UNITE HERE Local 483. This plan has been agreed to at the Hilton Garden Inn, Old Capital Club, Hyatt Regency Monterey, Highlands Inn, and now Asilomar Conference Grounds. Seeking job security, benefits, and opportunity, Local 483 have opened […]